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Visualization of complex neuroimaging data such as functional connectivity and his relation to EEG is a challenge. Many different visualization solutions to view complex image data have been proposed. Some authors described 2-D and 3-D neuroimaging visualization methods for tractography and functional connectivity data. Others described an anaglyph method to view neuroradiological 3-D images.

EEG is the standard diagnostic method for epilepsy, and the relation of EEG electrodes position and functional connectivity data could be of interest. Here we could download an Android app that shows the position of EEG 10-20 electrodes in relation to 7 standard functional connectivity networks.

iBraiNEEG (intrinsic Brain Networks and EEG electrodes) application: The user view a 3D transparent brain with 7 standard functional connectivity networks and EEG 10-20 electrodes as red spheres over the brain. The user could rotate the brain using onscreen controls, and by tapping each electrode, the name of it appears on screen. By tapping the three points at the left side of the screen, the name of each functional network will appear.

iBraiNEEG is an application tool that helps to analyze EEG data in relation to functional connectivity networks.